Article: Community Colleges Could Turn Away 400,000

An unprecedented 400,000 students could be turned away from California’s community college campuses next fall because state lawmakers are letting billions of dollars in taxes expire in June that would otherwise protect courses, Community College Chancellor Jack Scott said Wednesday.

Pointing to budget talks that stalled this week in Sacramento – and the resulting failure of Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to let voters decide whether to extend and increase taxes – Scott said he expects the state to reduce its allocation to the college system by $800 million, nearly 10 percent of its total budget.


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Before you choose that college…

As college acceptance letters start to roll in, parents will soon have a better idea of their children’s educational options for the years ahead.

But before students select a college and head off to school, financial advisers say there are a few things many families need to consider about how to handle the costs, get the most for their money and protect themselves against unexpected developments.

Below, five advisers share their words of advice for parents and their college-bound children.

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Here are some tips for filling out your FAFSA

A simpler, easier FAFSA

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The first step for financial aid award is through FAFSA

Financial Aid process begins here at Free Application For Federal Student Aid.

You will find important information about federal grants, loans, deadlines and other important information to address your financial aid questions.


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ALERT: Priority deadline to submit Financial Aid 2010-2011 documents: March 7, 2011

To ensure the process of 2010-2011 financial aid files, including appeals, students will be required to complete and submit ALL necessary documents to the Financial Aid Office by Monday, March 7, 2011 to receive payments for the Spring Semester. Documents received after this date will be processed on a first come, first served basis.

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Textbook Rentals Now at DVC!

You can now rent your textbooks at the Diablo Valley College Book Center!

No need to pay full price for that textbook that you’re going to try to sell back anyway! Go to the Diablo Valley College Book Center or click here for more information.

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Report: The 2011-2012 Budget – California Community College Fees


The Governor proposes to increase California Community College (CCC) fees from $26 per unit to $36 per unit beginning in July 2011. We believe that a fee increase should be an important component of the state’s budget strategy for CCC, as it would leverage more federal funds (in the form of federal tax credits) to mitigate programmatic impacts on CCC instruction and services, while having no negative effect on financially needy students (who do not pay fees). While the Governor is on the right track, the Legislature might consider going even further in the budget year to tap additional federal dollars in support of the CCC system. In future years, we recommend the Legislature ensure that CCC fee levels are pegged to the maximum amount covered by federal tax credits.


The Governor proposes to increase CCC enrollment fees from $26 per unit to $36 per unit beginning in July 2011. This brief addresses how such an action could (1) benefit the CCC system and (2) protect affordability and access for financially needy and nonneedy students.

Please click here for the rest of the report.

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