What is DVC’s school code?


How do I start my financial aid application process?

Like most college and universities, DVC’s financial aid application process starts by submitting an online application at FAFSA. Click the link below to start your application process.

How long does it take to process my financial aid application?

After you have completed your FAFSA application online, it usually takes 2 weeks for DVC to receive your completed application from FAFSA. From that point forward DVC’s financial aid office may take from 8 to 12 weeks to process your application.

What kind of grants is available here at DVC?

Below is a list of available grants that you MAY qualify for:



Who can apply? Forms Required

Eligibility Requirement


Cal Grant B







2.0 College GPA,

Financial Need


Cal Grant C



Technical And

Career Students


Cal Grant C Supplemental Form


Financial Need


Federal Pell Grant





Financial Need according to your EFC and COA


Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver


DVC Students

BOG Form

Pick up at the FA office or Print Online

See Form for the complete list of eligibility requirement


CA Chafee Grant


Foster Youth

FAFSA, and

Cal Chafee Grant Program Application

See Form for the complete list of eligibility requirement



What is the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver?

If you qualify, the Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver reduces the student’s tuition fee of $26 per unit to just $1.

What is California Chafee Grant?

The California Chafee Grant Program gives money to foster youth, and former foster youth to use for career and technical training or college courses. The Chafee Grant Program is also known as the Education and Training Voucher (ETV). It is a federally funded program and is subject to the availability of federal funds each year. Remember you need to apply for FAFSA then the Chafee Grant.

Click here to start your Chafee Grant Application process.

What is the difference between Grants and Loans?

Basically the main difference between the two is that federal grants are money given to you by the government for education purposes in which you don’t have to pay back. Loans on the other hand are money you borrow whether from a private institution or the government. Loans accrue interest and NEEDS to be paid back.

I filled out my FAFSA online and I haven’t received anything?

After DVC receives your information sent by FAFSA, DVC Financial Aid office will notify the student via mail stating the forms students need to finish the financial aid process. The STUDENTS are responsible for gathering and completing the required documents.

I have DVC as one of the schools on my FAFSA why haven’t you received the information?

There could be a number of reasons; one being that the student did not completely finish the FAFSA application. Another one could be students accidentally putting the wrong information on their application. Contact FAFSA if this occurs.

Where do I get the forms?

Forms are located on this website, WebAdvisor and at our DVC financial aid office.

Why do I need to complete the seminars?

They are necessary to familiarize the students with the financial aid process so that students can utilize the grants they will receive.

How do I show proof that I completed the Financial Aid orientation online?

You will have to watch all 3 videos, understand the questions and answer all of the questions correctly then submit them to the financial aid office by printing a paper copy.

Click here to start the Financial Aid Orientation Online.

Is the Financial Aid Orientation Online the same as Financial Aid Online Seminars?

No. They are completely different.

Students who are on academic probation or suspension must complete the Success Seminar.

Those students who have reached Maximum Timeframe must successfully complete the Financial Aid Career Online Seminar.

In order to successfully complete the seminars, students must pass the tests at the end of each seminar by answering no more than three (3) questions incorrectly. If you do not pass the seminar, you will be required to meet with the Director of Financial Aid to receive counseling and you will be asked to retake the tests until you receive a passing grade. Your financial aid will not be awarded until you successfully complete the necessary Online Seminars.

Click here to view the seminars.

For a complete list of frequently asked question please visit the official website.


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