Financial Aid Deadlines to be Aware of!

Welcome back! The summer definitely flew by and here we are again, the Fall Semester. We hope all of you are situated in your classes already and ready to take on the work and challenges ahead.

The DVC Financial Aid Office would like to inform all of you of some crucial dates that MAY affect your financial aid.

September 3rd – If you have not filed a FAFSA online already (, you should submit it before this date to allow for enough time for processing. Submitting a FAFSA after this date may not enable you to meet our October 4th deadline of submitting documents into our office (see below).

September 10th – This is the last day to drop WITHOUT a W! You have up to this time in order to adjust your schedule. The units you have on September 11th will be what’s used to calculate the number of units you are attempting (whether you add more or drop at a later date). Getting Ws on your transcript not only looks bad on your transcript, but it also affects your financial aid status (late start and short-term classes have different drop dates, check with Admissions and Records Office).

October 4th – To ensure the process of financial aid files, including appeals, students will be required to complete and submit ALL necessary documents to the Financial Aid Office no later than Monday, October 4, 2010 to receive payments by the end of the Fall 2010 Semester. Documents received after this date will be processed for retroactive payment, if eligible, in the Spring 2011 Semester.

These are some dates to remember for the fall semester in regards to Financial Aid. Please remember that the Financial Aid Office is taking 8-12 weeks to process paperwork due to reduced staffing and the increase in volume of applicants. Please plan accordingly!


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