California Universities Urged to Admit More Students

From the Public Policy Institute of California:

The Master Plan defined a strategy for California’s public higher education systems to meet the state’s challenges in 1960. Today, California faces new problems. By 2025, the state will have one million fewer college educated workers than the economy will require, according to PPIC projections. Updating the Master Plan is crucial to closing this skills gap.

Please click here for the rest of the Press Release.

What does this mean for DVC students?

We’ll address the following idea, specifically:
Set explicit goals to increase community college transfers to CSU and UC. Today, fewer high school graduates in California than in other states enter four-year colleges, but many more enter community college. Ensuring that more of them successfully transfer to four-year institutions is critical to increasing the number of college graduates. By 2025, 60 percent of CSU graduates and 40 percent of UC graduates should be transfer students.

What this means is that DVC and other community colleges are impacted with students! We’re sure that as student at DVC you’ve experienced how much harder it is to get in to classes the closer it is to the start of the semester. Also the amount of classes and the subjects that are open is much slimmer than years past. Therefore, it is important for you as a student to stick with your registration date. Try to register for classes the time and date that have been given to you to allow you the best pick possible. Don’t wait till the week before the semester before you register for class (waiting after school starts is DEFINITELY a bad idea).

Preparing yourself to be transfer material is also really important. Make sure that you are following your educational plan and taking classes that will meet transfer requirements and make you competitive. Seek out resources that assists with student success on campus like the Counseling Center, Transfer Center, Tutoring Center, etc. Meet with an academic counselor at least once a semester to see if you’re still on track. Transferring is becoming much more competitive so be prepared!


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