College Event: Budget Forum

From the District Vice Chancellor of Finance and Student Trustee:

Are you frustrated by too many closed classes? The college budget is getting tighter, but students can do something about it. As student Trustee, I want to help students get the best information possible. The district Vice Chancellor Kindred Murillo and I have organized budget forums on each college’s main campus. Leaders such as your student government President, college President, and me want to know your concerns, questions, and ideas.

Please join us on the following dates:

DVC: Tuesday, November 17 beginning at 12:30pm in the Trophy Room (near the cafeteria)

LMC: Wednesday, November 18 at noon in room 720 (recital hall) in the music building

CCC: Thursday, November 19 at noon in LA 100.

There will be a Financial Aid workshop directly after the forum. If you want to complete your FAFSA, BOG Fee Waiver, and/or any other financial aid related forms please attend the workshop. If you’re interested in learning more about the Financial Aid process, you are also welcome to come.


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