FA Orientation Now Online

If you are a first time DVC Financial Aid student this fall semester, we require you to complete the Financial Aid Orientation. This orientation is geared to inform our students of the processes and policies regarding receiving financial aid, but most importantly we cover the requirements for you to continue to receive your financial aid.


For those of you who were lucky enough to sign-up for an in-person orientation during the months of May through September, you got a great jump start with completing your financial aid file. We actually prefer that students sign-up and attend the in-person orientation because studies show (and also students tell us) that receiving the information in-person helps them understand the information better. It also allows students to ask questions while the material is being covered.

For those that weren’t able to attend one of our in-person orientation, the orientation is available online, via YouTube. You can find the link on the right side of the website labeled FA Orientation. If you have not completed this requirement please view the orientation videos (there are 3 of them) completely to fulfill this requirement.

Again the orientation is here to provide you with the information regarding financial aid prior to receiving money. We want you to be as informed as possible so that you know what decisions you need to make in order to continue receiving your financial aid. Ultimately, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure they maintain the requirements that the Federal and State governments have set up in regards to financial aid programs.

Please come in to the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions about the materials presented in the orientation.



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7 responses to “FA Orientation Now Online

  1. This information would be more than heelpful. It would assure me to understand everything. Everything I need to know about Financial Aid.

  2. shomal

    How do I make a appointment in person? What is the number to call to make an appointment for a in-person orientation?

    • dvcfinaid

      Unfortunately, we do not offer an in-person orientation.

      I would suggest that you come in to the Financial Aid Office first and the staff at the front counter can determine whether you need an appointment or not. They may be able to assist you without an appointment.

      Our appointments are booked for the next 3 weeks.

  3. Larry G.

    this blog would not let me watch videos or take the quiz after reading all the transcripts so it was a waste of two hours

  4. Larry G.

    this was a colosal waste of time since the website would not let me do the quiz or verify that i completed orientation

    • dvcfinaid

      Hi Larry. Thank you for your feedback. The quiz unfortunately is not electronic. You will have to write your answers down on a piece of paper after getting the questions from the video.

      We’ll incorporate the questions in the transcript.

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