Why September 11th Matters

For obvious reasons, September 11th will forever be remembered in US History. But this year, this date is important to many students attending DVC because it is the Drop Without a W Deadline.

The Drop Without a W Deadline is important because it will help keep a student’s transcript clean (accumulating multiple W’s, D’s, and F’s on a transcript might hinder the chances of a student transferring in to the school of their choice). This date is also important for financial aid students because after September 11th, dropping classes can negatively impact a student’s financial aid status, probation or suspension.

Make sure that you are enrolled (not waitlisted) in the classes that you know you are able to complete before September 11th to receive your proper award. Adding classes after September 11th will NOT adjust your award money, it will however adjust the number of units you are expected to complete with at least C’s or better.

With about two weeks left before September 11th, please evaluate whether you like your class or not or if you can handle the amount of work and material. Decide before September 11th if you are staying or dropping.

If you want to check whether dropping a class will affect your financial aid, please visit us in the Financial Aid Office.


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