Article: Grand jury indicts 65 in Ariz. fraud scheme

An Arizona woman recruited as many as 136 people to pose as college students and defraud the government out of nearly $540,000 in student aid money, federal prosecutors said on Wednesday.

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Surprisingly, incidents like these aren’t uncommon in Financial Aid. Even with the disclaimer by the Department of Education as a student signs his/her FAFSA, there are some that are brave enough to falsify information just to receive financial aid. And as common as these incidents happen, the number of “students”  that  get prosecuted by the Federal Government are also as high.

To avoid providing incorrect information accidently,  double, triple, quadruple check the numbers that you are inputting in the fields with your tax documents, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. It is also wise to review your Student Aid Report (the summary of the information submitted to the Department of Education) once you receive it and make any corrections as soon as you spot inaccurate information. Also be mindful of who you allow to see your FAFSA information, especially your Student Aid Report, as it has a lot of personal information (including your Social Security Number and birthdate).


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